About us

The Maria Callas Alumni Association of the Music School of Kalamata is a non-profit making organisation founded in 2007. Membership is open only to graduates of the Maria Callas Music School of Kalamata.

From the founding of the Association until today, we have actively participated in the cultural life of the city of Kalamata, of Greece and abroad.

The Alumni Association in its commitment to education in the performing arts has organised and presented more than 300 hours of open classes and seminars in voice coaching, classical percussion, sculpture, theatre and more.

We have presented at least 15 theatre productions – including tragedies and comedies of Ancient Drama and the contemporary and classical repertoire – in both modern and ancient theatres in Greece and abroad. Highlights include Euripides’ Medea in the Ancient Theatre of Messene and Aristoφanes in Amsterdam and in Athens.

Our Association is committed to promoting and supporting cultural projects, events and proposals in any way it can.

Our Collaborations include:

  • The National Opera of Greece
  • Chicago University, USA
  • Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA London)
  • The Royal Film Academy of the Old Town in Stockholm
  • The S Ornerakis School of Applied Arts in Athens
  • ANIMA Publishing House
  • Fashion designer Nathalie D ‘Anvers
  • The Peloponnese Region and the Regional Unit of Messinia
  • The Municipality of Athens and Technopolis in Gazi (Athens Greece)
  • The Municipalities of Kalamata, Messina, and Oichalia.

Our members work with major orchestras and participate in productions nationally and in Europe (for example, The National Theatre of Greece, National Orchestra, European Orchestra and more).

The Maria Callas Alumni Association of the Music School of Kalamata is a living cultural organisation, openminded, inclusive and welcoming. We are a family that grows with time …

We are always open to receiving new proposals and challenges.

From the Board

Administration and management board

The Alumni Association “Maria Callas” of  M.S.K. its being managed , as it is written in the articles of the association, by a board, consisting of seven people:

  • President
  • Vice president
  • Treasurer
  • Secretary of the Board
  • General Assembly Secretary
  • Alternate Member I.
  • Alternate Member II.